Nano Communication
and Networking Laboratory

The UB Nano Lab is a vibrant research team aimed at addressing wireless communication and networking challenges that are of national and societal relevance by leveraging the state of the art in nanotechnologies. Examples include solving the problem of spectrum scarcity by developing new wireless technologies for Terahertz (THz) band (0.1-10 THz) communication; facilitating transformative health monitoring and drug-delivery systems by laying the foundations of wearable and intra-body nano-biosensing networks at infrared and visible optical frequencies; and developing non-invasive low-cost communication technologies for the Internet of Things and Nano-Things (IoNT).
Research Projects
Congratulations to Dr. Jornet for receiving the NSF CAREER Award, titled “Realizing Ultra-broadband Terahertz Communication...
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Congratulations! to Dr. Jornet for being awarded UB exceptional Scholar's young investigator award.
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The UB Nano has just released the first of a new series of web-based calculators...
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The US Federal Communications Commission has recently issued two licenses to the University at Buffalo...
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The tremendous speed at which technology evolves sets the pace of our society, especially when it comes to information and communication technologies. The UB Nano Lab is aimed at providing the next generation of engineers with the theoretical foundations and hands-on experience needed to address the challenges that our society will face in the years to come.
Courses: Spring 2019
EE 494: Senior Capstone Design Project